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Economic Regulation Programme

Under the economic regulation,programme, ICAO effectively addresses significant matters relating to the regulation of international air transport and its liberalization and its activities include:

  • Monitoring and analysing trends and developments;
  • Studying regulatory issues of general importance;
  • Developing policy and guidance material;
  • Dissemination and implementation of policy guidance;
  • Providing advice, guidance and assistance to ICAO member States; and
  • Development and implementation of ICAO’s policies on taxation of international air transport

This programme is based on the following objectives:

  • Promote ICAO’s policies and guidance on the regulatory framework of international air transport
  • Promote, disseminate and implement ICAO’s policies and guidance in the field of economic regulation of international air transport.
  • Foster the development and expansion of international travel and trade through ICAO’s policies on taxation of international air transport and provide support to Member States for the implementation of these policies.
  • Provision of the meeting facility of ICAO Air Services Negotiation (ICAN) event to Member States

The present evolution of the international air transport regulatory framework and the globalization and transnationalization of markets and business operations may increase the need for ICAO to harmonize the global regulatory framework, assist states in further air transport liberalization, and to keep its guidance on economic regulation current and responsive to the changes. The service is provided to governments (ministry of transport, civil aviation authority), air transport service operators and providers and their trade associations, airlines, airports, civil aviation professionals, consultants, and the travelling public through the provision of technical support on a required basis, and the dissemination of information through publications (documents, manuals and circulars) and meetings (workshops, seminars, symposia, and conferences). ICAO has produced template air services agreements (TASAs) for the guidance of, and optional use by, states in their air transport relationships.