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Improving understanding of the needs of transition economies

In its global advocacy, the UNECE focuses on bringing to the fore the trade development challenges and interests of transition economies in South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. For example, its outreach services (such as conferences, publications, and its own website) and Aid for Trade activities promote a better understanding of the impediments to these economies’ increased participation in international trade, and how these impact the daily work of enterprises, setting limits to trade expansion and diversification . These economies need special assistance, particularly for developing their human capacity and building infrastructure. Many are at a level of development that is on a par with lower middle-income countries and, in some cases, with LDCs. In addition, they started their transition to a market economy with very limited experience in international trade and markets, and very little institutional capacity. In some cases, infrastructure is non-existent in a number of key areas that are important if these countries are to participate effectively in global supply chains and international trade networks.

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