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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations dedicated to developing a balanced and accessible international intellectual property (IP) system which rewards creativity, stimulates innovation, and contributes to economic development while safeguarding the public interest. WIPO promotes the development and use of the international IP system through:

  • Services - WIPO runs systems which make it easier to obtain protection internationally for patents, trademarks, designs and appellations of origin; and to resolve IP disputes.
  • Law - WIPO helps develop the international legal IP framework in line with society’s evolving needs.
  • Infrastructure - WIPO builds collaborative networks and technical platforms to share knowledge and simplify IP transactions, including free databases and tools for exchanging information.
  • Development - WIPO builds capacity in the use of IP to support economic development

WIPO also works with Member States and stakeholders to improve understanding and respect for IP worldwide; WIPO provides economic analysis and statistics as well as contributing IP-based solutions to help tackle global challenges.


In line with a number of WIPO’s Development Agenda (DA) recommendations, notably recommendations 30 and 42, WIPO has continued to strengthen its cooperation with other inter-governmental organizations (IGOs), particularly in the United Nations (UN) system.  The focus of this collaboration has primarily been the interface between intellectual property and economic, social and cultural development. WIPO has also sought to improve its engagement with the UN in New York, and to better relate and report its activities in relation to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Further efforts in this respect continue and WIPO is also contributing in 2012 to UN inter-agency processes related to the post 2015 Development Agenda. WIPO will also contribute substantially to ECOSOC 2013 and its preparatory process, the theme for which is “Science, technology and innovation, and the potential of culture, for promoting sustainable development and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.” In addition to these New York based activities, where the WIPO Coordination Office in New York plays a key role, WIPO also continues to improve collaboration with Geneva-based agencies and also to increase collaboration with the UN and other IGOs at the regional and country level.

TCB activities in this guide


  • Legislative assistance
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • Progressive development of patent laws
  • Progressive development of trademark laws
  • Progressive development of copyright laws


  • Enhancing South-South Cooperation on IP and Development among Developing Countries
  • Inter-regional meetings on IP governance, Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (GRTKF), Copyright and related rights